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I work with busy professionals and the organisations that employ them to optimise health and wellbeing.

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Balancing busy days with better health

As a registered nutritional therapist, I offer evidence-based, personalised guidance and support to tired, overworked professionals, and the organisations they work for, seeking to increase their energy levels and enhance their overall health and wellbeing.

Work, nutrition and wellbeing are intertwined. I understand that the world of work can be a busy and high-paced environment and we tend to overlook the role nutrition and lifestyle choices play in your health and wellbeing.

Working together, we will create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme to help you achieve your health goals. Small but impactful changes to your daily diet and nutrition can make a huge difference and by acknowledging your current health challenges, I can support you in addressing the possible root causes and get you on the way to feeling better.

Are you feeling tired all the time?

Feeling stressed?

Lacking energy?

Feeling overwhelmed?

I work with busy professionals and the organisations that employ them to optimise health and wellbeing.

People don’t often consider the role that nutrition plays in our overall wellbeing but nutrition can make all the difference to a host of issues that you may be experiencing or that might build up over time and can have far-reaching consequences in your life and your work.

I can advise you on how to optimise your nutrition and incorporate lifestyle changes into your daily routine that will help you to get your energy back, reduce stress, achieve quality rest and sleep and make you feel more in control of your work and life.

Nutrition can be a key element in the journey to making you feel your best. By taking steps to improve your nutrition you’ll see improvement in a range of areas. Better nutrition can play a crucial role in helping turn things around if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or constantly tired (or all of these at the same time). It can help with a myriad of other symptoms or issues, too.

How I can help

One to One Programmes

These take place online and can be targeted to meet your individual requirements. I offer 3 levels of the programme; each runs for a period of 12 weeks and includes:


  • Completion of a comprehensive questionnaire covering your health history, current diet, routine and lifestyle, returned prior to our initial consultation.
  • An initial session of 90 minutes to discuss your questionnaire and agree on your health goals
  • Follow-up sessions at regular intervals to check on your progress and support you to achieve your goals.

Corporate Work

My expertise lies in providing guidance to employees on lifestyle and nutrition choices that have been proven to enhance productivity, boost mood, and reduce absenteeism due to illness.

With a clear focus on evidence-based approaches, I offer credible solutions to support the wellbeing of your workforce. This can be done in the form of workshops, as a single or series of webinars or I can provide drop-in sessions where individual employees can have one-off mini-nutrition consultations to review their current nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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Hello, I’m Nicola

Registered Nutritional Therapist MCIPD, DipION, MBANT, rCHNC

Having successfully navigated the corporate world, I’ve gained valuable insight into the profound impact nutrition can have. I am excited to be your guide on a journey toward achieving a perfect balance of nutrition, health and wellbeing, empowering you to thrive each and every day.

How it works

Step 1 - Talk to me

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This is a confidential space for you to discuss your health history, and your goals, and explore how I can assist you on your health journey.

Step 3 - Work with me

After our conversation, if you feel I’m the right person to help you meet your health aspirations, I’ll guide you through the next steps to embark on our journey together.

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