Everyone deserves to feel their best, every day.

Working together, and drawing on the latest in nutritional science, we’ll craft a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan that targets the underlying causes of your health concerns, while ensuring you enjoy delicious and wholesome meals and snacks.

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This programme is carefully crafted to equip you with the essential tools for embarking on your health journey.

Opt for this programme if you’re eager to embrace a positive transformation and prefer the convenience of monthly appointments.

  • 1 x 90 minute consultation plus 2 x 45 minute follow-up consultations

Nourish programme fee £425


    This programme is thoughtfully designed to provide you with an elevated level of support on your journey towards health success.

    If you’re eager to delve deeper into your health goals and require more guidance, this programme with fortnightly check-ins is the perfect choice.

    • 1 x 90 minute consultation plus 4 x 45 minute follow-up consultations.

    Transform programme fee £650


      This programme is your gateway to sustainable change, accountability, and a guiding hand to help you achieve remarkable results.

      Opt for this programme with weekly check-ins if you’re truly dedicated to enhancing your health and aspire to the highest level of support to ensure you reach your desired goals.

      • 1 x 90 minute consultation plus 4 x 60 minute follow-up consultations plus weekly check-in sessions of 20 minutes between consultations.

      Thrive programme fee £950

        All three programmes include the following

        • A thorough evaluation of your health, including symptoms, medical and family history, along with your exercise and lifestyle habits.
        • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your goals
        • Supplement recommendations, where required and check for interaction with current medication (where applicable)
        • Recipe ideas or meal planning to help you achieve your goals.

        Let's work together to help you feel your very best

        Get in touch and let’s discuss the ways in which can work together.

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